Triplane: Furball

"Furball - A confused aerial engagement with many combatants. Several aircraft in tight air combat manoeuvring."

Our first title Triplane: Furball is based on an old classic released originally in 1996 called Triplane: Turmoil. From our love and passion towards this oldie we have recreated the feel and excitement we ourselves had when playing this at the size of a fire extinguisher.

It's a completely new experience built from scratch. New soup with our own spices added to the mix. Still we tried to keep the spirit of the oldie alive and the keenest of you may notice some things that feel like meeting an old friend after a long period of time.

So enlist now and be on your way to be the best pilot the skies have ever seen!

You can download our multiplayer demo below featuring 1 playable map, 4-player battles, AI-players and controller support. Works with windows only!

screenshot1 screenshot2 screenshot3

About was founded in late 2016 by two guys in the heart of Turku - Finland.

Visual design is done by Iiro Lehtiö our archbishop and spiritual leader. Experienced and very talented in graphics and art.

"Aina ku pommi irtoo, jotain tuhoutuu. Vähintään sielu."
"When a bomb drops something always gets destroyed. At least your soul."

Our resident closet coder is Antti Oksman, bishop and the voice of spiritual guidance. Inner secrets of the game mechanics and its code comes from the mind of this man.

"Märät puut ei syty koskaan ilman syttöpaperia"
"Wet logs will never catch fire without paper kindling"

The rest we can't achieve with our own skillset so we use that of the others. Currently there are 2 extras, our sound guy Ville and AI-slave Salla-Mari doing her thesis for us.


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